Happy Samhain!

Halloween full moon between tree branches
Halloween full moon between tree branches
Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate the traditions we do at Halloween? Why we wear costumes and carve jack-o-lanterns? It all originated from the pagan Celtic traditions of Samhain.

Pronounced “sow-win”, this celebration marked the time of year in the Celtic calendar where the Celts celebrated the upcoming harvest and the end of summer. According to History.com, it was believed to be the time of the year where the supernatural roamed the earth, where the spirit world and the human world united.

So, what traditions do we still celebrate today that originate from Samhain?

Halloween costumes are great fun…

Small disclaimer: this post is catered to my personal preferences in houses and decorating. If you enjoy the newer types of architecture, that’s fine! Everyone has different tastes.

I’ve always had an interest in older architecture since I was a kid. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a (very) old soul. Now that I’m growing older and starting to look at the real estate market and my options, I’m starting to consider a new build. Not just a new build though, a new old build. Here’s why I want to go back in time while moving forward:

I Personally Believe New Houses Have Lost the Element of Charm

I don’t want…

In case you didn’t know.

Yeah, I said it. With you continuously telling yourself you can’t or you shouldn’t be a writer or that you don’t have the time, you’re making it easier for the rest of us who are past those excuses. You’re effectively filling the pockets of other writers. I don’t tell you this to be awful, I’m telling you this to light the fire under you to start your journey now.

So, Thanks for Thinning the Competition

The more writers there are who deny themselves of writing makes fewer writers we have to compete against within the industry. I’m not saying you don’t work hard. I’m just making…

Lydia Bennet: Daughter. Sister. Entitled wild child. There aren’t too many book characters that I feel so strongly about than Lydia Bennet. As the youngest sister of the headstrong Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Lydia is full of “personality” that can only be rivaled by her (almost) equally as annoying mother.

In fact, I’d venture to say if there ever was a modern-day Lydia Bennet, her name would 100% be etched with a permanent marker in Regina George’s Burn Book. …

One of the best parts of historical fiction is the freedom to choose. A writer can create a timeline with historical facts while building a fictional narrative that draws upon as many or as few truths as they wish. Using incomplete historical documentation and building a story around it seems to be the direction that Margaret Atwood went with for her novel Alias Grace.

Now that’s not to say that Atwood steered clear of historical accuracy- she didn’t have much to go on initially. Atwood has a piece at the end of one edition mentioning that there weren’t many articles…

No, seriously.

I’d have this good-natured disagreement all the time with my best friend about the eligibility of Edward Fairfax Rochester in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. Our disagreement was as follows: she talks about how much she hates him, and I refute her claims.

Being older and looking deeper into the characters though, I finally see what a disaster this guy is. Why now? Probably because when I thought Rochester was a good guy, I was about Jane’s age, which makes me wonder how their marriage panned out after the first few years once she turned 25. …

Are Udemy classes accredited? No. Should you be using their online learning services? Probably.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform dedicated to professional and self-development by offering virtual classes in different concentrations. With a multitude of subjects to choose from, you can study everything from the history of ancient Rome to IT and software.

Why Online Learning?

Online learning is a great way to gain professional skills to add to your resume. You can even do it just for the sake of self-development. It can be easier than taking a night class at a university and more flexible to add to your already…

Besides looking like a cool intellectual by telling people you’ve read Homer’s Iliad, there are many reasons.

It Helps Us Understand the World Around Us

Do you know those boring essays that your teachers made you write in high school? The ones that the whole class used to groan about and the ones you still remember hating when you look back at your high school days?

They weren’t just about books, they’re about life. We don’t read To Kill a Mockingbird to picture Scout Finch wandering through the woods dressed as a ham, we read it to learn about the injustices endured by Tom Robinson and Boo Radley…

It should come as no surprise that the world-renowned Queen of Mystery should have some mysteries of her own.

Agatha Christie is well known for her hard-to-solve detective fiction stories riddled with red herrings but did you know that she has a personal mystery? What’s even better is that no one has ever solved what actually happened and to this day we still only have speculations, leaving us with a case that would give Miss Marple or Hercule Poirot a run for their money.

Agatha Christie, Used from History Extra

It was early December 1926 when Agatha Christie kissed her daughter Rosalind goodnight, leaving the seven-year-old…

Though many have been introduced to Sabina Spielrein as a character played by Keira Knightley in the 2011 film A Dangerous Method, Spielrein was a leading figure during the beginning of psychological science and behaviour therapy. Ironically, before Sabina Spielrein became a doctor, she was a patient being treated in an institution for the mentally ill. It was under the guidance of the renowned Dr. Carl Jung that she was treated.

Sabina Spielrein, Used from Psychology Today

Sabina Spielrein was born into a Jewish family on 7 November 1885 in Russia. According to The Jewish Women’s Archive, Speilrein was raised in a strict household by a…

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